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Pablo Rotemberg proposes a performative conference. Based on the reflection on some of his plays, his career as a choreographer and the experience of a year of unproductive stillness, he plans an encounter that seems spontaneous but is not; it seems fresh and relaxed, but it is nothing more than just another play.

This performative conference is a choreography. Since its title, it is inspired by what the history of great art has designated as one of the first conferences of its kind: “Lecture on Nothing”, created by the American musician John Cage, in 1949. It was a score in which everything that happened was contemplated: not only the words, but also the sounds and the absence of them. Recovering that thoroughness and taking it to the extreme, in “Pablo Rotemberg: Lecture on Nothing (2021)”, a serious speaker plans every silence, chooses every gesture, rehearses every phrase and its tones. Through a five-part structure, a conference, a choreography, and a performance about an artist in the pandemic and his confined steps are unfolded.

Pablo Rotemberg surrounds the question of what success is and risks a hypothesis about what can happen after the monologue of isolation. He answered himself, provisionally: success is a brilliant way of existing. The answer does not satisfy him and he asks himself again... what is success? The questions that organize this experience are as autobiographical as they are fictional. What is Pablo Rotemberg's artistic production about? Is gay old age the ultimate atrocity in the range of old age? How will it feel to die on stage? What does the public think of my work? What is success when life is unbearable?

The multiple layers of the scene (dance, soundtrack, audiovisual projections, performers, live piano) recover and refer to the artistic work of the choreographer and musician, as a disturbing flashback. Pablo Rotemberg is there, and there is nothing to say.

Pablo Rotemberg is on Argentine director, choreogropher, musicion, writer ond teocher He groduoted from the Argentine Corlos L6pez Buchordo Music Conservotory os o Senior Music Professor ond hos o Bochelor's degree in Cinemotogrophy from the Universidad del Cine/FUC 
His works hove been shown ond performed throughout Europe ond Lotin Americo He hos reoeived gronts ond owords from the Argentine Arts Foundotion (Fondo Nocional de bs Artes) ond the Antorchas Foundotion, os INE!II os from the Americon Dance Festi\,QI, Prodonzo lnstitute, Proteotro lnstitute ood the Argentine Theoter lnstitute (Instituto Nocional del Teatro) 
He is the Choir of the Arts ond Movement Deportment of the Argentine University of the Arts/UNA ond frequently holds seminors ond workshops in Argentino ond obrood 
He wos o member of the jury for the Guillermo Arriogo Notionol Dance Prize, oworded during the XXXVI ContemJX>r0ry Choreogrophic Creotion Competition by the Argentine Fine Arts lnstitute (INBA) ond the Autonomous University / UAM in Mexico. 

Recent works: Lo oscuridad cubrió b tieno / Dorkness Co,.,ered the Eorth, o co--production between the XII lntemotionol Festival of Buenos Aires / FIBA ond the X Contemporory Dance Festival of Buenos Aires, 2019), Sovoge (creoted for the Argentine University of the Arts/UNA Dance Compony); El cisne solvoje / The Wild Swon (Buenos Aires Theoter Complex); El verdadero orte es el que no te dejo ileso / True ort does not leove you untouched (CCK); Tongo Alem6n / Germon Tongo (Buenos Aires Theoter Complex); Mujeres Enornorodos / Women in Love (2016); Lo noche obstinado / The obstinote night) (ort residency ot the Gobrielo Mistral Cultural Center /GAM in Sontiogo de Chile); Lo Wogner (winner of the First Prize for Choreogrophic Direction ond Choreogrophy ot the Teatro del Mundo Prizes, 2014); Todos o Ninguno / AII of us or none (Argentine Art Fund 2014); Los Virgenes / The Virgins (Groduote Project ot the Dromotic Arts Deportment ot the Argentine University of the Arts/UNA, 2013); Lo ideo ñjo / The ñxed ideo (wimer oftwo Trinidad Guevoro Prizes in the Choreogrophy ond Lighting cotegOries, in oddition to being nominoted for the Direction cotegory; four Speciol Mentions ot the 
Teatro del Mundo Prizes in the cotegories of Choreogrophy, Direction, Lighting ond Original Music, 2010); Lo coso del diablo / The House of the Devil ond Lo noche m6s negro / The dorkest night (both creoted for the ContemJX>r0ry Ballet Compony of the General Son Mortin Theoter in Buenos Aires, 2008 ond 2012); Joon Crowford (creoted for the Ballet Argentino directed by Julio Boceo, 2010); Sudeste / Southeost (donce­video, Experimentotion Center of the Colon Theoter /CETC); Nodo te turbe, nodo te espante / Let nothing perturb or frighten you (Cycle of Opero Primos, ot the Ricardo Rojos Cultural Center, 2009); Bojo b luno de Egipto / Under the Egyption Moon (Ricardo Rojos Cultural Center, 2008); Southeost (Colón Theoter Experimental Arts Center / CETC, 2008); El Lobo / The Wolf (2008). For his work os on actor in Stephen Temperley's Souvenir, directed by Ricky Poshkus, he wos oworded the Morb Guerrero Prize in the Incentive Cotegory ond olso nominoted for the ACE ond Clorin Prizes os Revelotion Acta.


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Artist / Director

Pablo Rotemberg

Producers / Distributors

Lucio Bazzalo & Mariana Cinat

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